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Portugal is 'the' hot place to be in July, so make sure you’re well-stocked with sun cream before you go.Faro is the Algarve region’s capital and at the height of the season the parks, plazas and historic old town are filled with the buzz of outdoor cafes and restaurants.Innovation in coffee evolves around three key trends: coffee pods, flavoured coffee (a trend which has successfully passed from filter coffee to instant coffee too), and the emerging trend towards coffee varieties and origins, which started from espresso and has become integrated into other categories too.Holidays to Greece have been a favourite among Brits for decades, and with the stunning landscapes and warm weather, it’s easy to see why.Or perhaps explore the well-preserved ruins at Delphi, whose main sites date back to the 5 century BC.Considered to be the centre of the world, this was the seat of the most important oracle of ancient Greece, consulted on all important decisions.Hays’ Greek island holidays include some of the most popular destinations in the region.

Domestic, small-scale companies are benefiting from this trend.

Within the walls of this ancient citadel you’ll discover a host of treasures of immense architectural and historical significance, most notably the Parthenon.

This temple was built for the goddess Athena and was decorated with elaborate marble sculptures both inside and out.

Meeting stringent Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, Gr 43 has long been the standard for high strength tie downs.

Normally supplied in plain (self-colored) finish, you can order Inc plated and galvanized for rust prevention.

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