Dating a compulsive liar

Those are the worst two, the ones I think are the most damaging, but there's hundreds, big and small, elaborate and just really stupid.

She has had three jobs in the year and a half that I've known her, and there's a real theme developing.

- She told her workmates that her boyfriend (my best friend) wanted to kill one of her other workmates.

She got fired, he had a restraining order taken out against him, and she STILL claims she was fired because she complained about being harrassed.

e for a few months and I love everything about her except for her compulsive lying.

Only till recently, did she open up to me and realize that her lies were hurting me.

Although, she asserts the worst of her compulsive lying is over especially since she has began to realize her other outstanding qualities. Does that lower her self esteem even more or help her realize that her lies are hurting me? The big questions for you to answer are variations on the theme of “How secure am in myself and in this relationship”.

You’re in the interesting situation of having your fianc? Assuming that this is true and she does have a lying problem, can you trust her when she tells you that she has stopped lying?

If adore him, another thing accept him the way he is definitely.

She is envious of her older sister only in regards to the amount of attention the older sis gets from guys. And if this problem stems from her low self esteem, can’t she and I do confidence building activities that would eventually eliminate her need to lie?

She suffers from a very low self esteem and I believe that is the only reason she fabricates. And should I be really cautious when I call her a liar?

She gets job, she loves job, she's awesome at job, she starts having problems with one person at her job, she loses job in acrimonious manner involving a lot of 'he said/she said'.

I've also noticed it gets a lot worse when she meets new people - whenever I've introduced her to one of my friends, the wild stories start. You tell him you're concerned that her lying is going to land him in trouble he doesn't deserve.

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