Even when Helen gets sick—which she says earlier in the film never happens to her—Jessica is there to care for her.

The only predicament for the relationship is Jessica's nervousness concerning same-sex intimacy.

I (purposely) got myself to the highest body fat percentage I have been in a very long time, changed a few small things and slowly got back down at a rate of 1% every 4 weeks. I have a these test dating from 2011 (4.9%, not good!

Here is a list of the top Wonderlic test scores of quarterbacks expected to be drafted in the 2017 NFL draft.

Promotional newcomer Adam Hunter was yanked off tomorrow's (Sat., Aug.

27, 2016) undercard due to a potential United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) violation, per a report by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) early Friday (h/t MMA Fighting).


As nervous as Jessica is about dating Helen, she realizes after a surprise kiss that a different experience can be good.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jessica Stein, a copyeditor living and working in New York City, is plagued by failed blind dates with men, and decides to answer a newspaper's personal advertisement containing a quote from Rilke that she had read and admired earlier.

The advertisement has been placed by Helen Cooper, a thirtysomething bisexual art gallerist who is seeking a lesbian relationship to replace her unsatisfying and meaningless sex with men.

Hunter, 32, was scheduled to fight fellow UFC newcomer Ryan Janes on the Fight Pass portion of UFC on FOX 21.

But according to UFC, Hunter failed an out-of-competition USADA test dating back to Aug. As usual, USADA has yet to release information pertaining to the substance(s) that landed Hunter in the doghouse.

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