Sheepshaver updating apple hard disk drives

But even there - even on an Intel machine, even under Snow Leopard - I can run an older Mac OS, enjoy my older applications, and read and edit my older documents, by using Sheep Shaver.

Sheep Shaver is a Power PC emulator that runs under Mac OS X.

Then I inserted my 8.5 System CD ROM for a Classic Mac and clicked "Start" to boot.That’s as far as Sheep Shaver supported, so I shutdown OS 9 and started customizing the settings. The OS X hard drive shows up on the Mac OS 9 desktop as a drive called “Unix”.Here’s the settings I’m using with Sheep Shaver: For Ethernet, using slirp will let you share OS X’s network connection. This isn’t like Classic, where OS 9 and OS X applications co-existed on the screen. You can copy things from the Unix drive into the Mac OS 9 environment and vice-versa. There’s some weirdness with the Unix drive, where it won’t show some folders.I can’t see the Apple Talk zones of my workplace though, though, so all printing looks like it’ll need to be set up via LPR.In terms of speed and screen redraw, it’s not that swift but it should be fine for a person who just needs to run one or two Mac OS applications. I needed a Mac OS 9 CD (9.0, not 9.1 or 9.2.x.), a copy of a compatible Mac OS ROM (I used Mac OS ROM 1.6 from Mac OS ROM Update 1.0; use Tome Viewer on a PPC Mac to extract the ROM from the installer,) sufficient space on my hard drive and a copy of Sheep Shaver (available from Shaver-2.3-0.20060514.1.

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